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Eco-friendly means earth-friendly or not harmful to the environment.


It most commonly refers to products that are renewable and sustainable, contributing to green practices that help conserve resources like water and energy.


Eco-friendly products also prevent contributions to air, water and land pollution.



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Who we are

Eco Filling Australia is a small Australian business committed to providing the customer with a range of eco friendly fibres as  filling for their craft and homeware creations.  In addition, we can supply ready made eco friendly cushion inserts and eco friendly fabric.


Each of our eco fillers include a full description of its origins so you know where it comes from and its eco friendly properties.


We are proud to say that, where possible, our eco fibres and fills are sourced from Australian farmers and manufacturers to support local industries.

Where we're from

We are Australian owned and operated, based in Victoria, Australia. We do not have a commercial premises, operating solely online.


It was whilst searching for an eco friendly cushion filling alternative, that Eco Filling Australia's founder realised the need for a variety of eco friendly options to be made available to the Australian public . She then set about to make that happen.


Now everybody can enjoy the benefits of using environmentally friendly materials in their projects, home wares and pet beds with the ease of ordering online.

What we sell

We stock environmentally friendly  kapok fibre, corn fibre fill, certified organic cotton, Australian organic wool, commercial grade Australian wool, eucalyptus fibre, corn fibre, feathers and buckwheat hulls.


We sell loose fibre fill for stuffing in small quantities.


We also provide ready made cushion inserts and pillows using a selection of our fibre fills, cushion covers and wheat bags containing wheat and dried lavender.  If you would like a custom sized cushion, please ask for a quote at info@ecofilling.com.


Our own range of Barking Green eco friendly pet beds, blankets and toys are available from www.barkinggreenaustralia.com